Saturday, December 1, 2007

Lines for a Lady’s Autograph

SAD seething sea, the sea-gulls’ eerie cry,
Last gleams of day from rocky ledges wane,
The winds sob out the dying day’s good-bye,
Grey clouds hang low with mists of driving Rain.

Gay songs of birds and fragant blooming Flowers,
Sweet sunlight on the shimmering, glimmering Sea,
Bright drops of rain from lately fallen showers
Bejewelled by the sunlight o’er the dewy lea.

In sunshine, rain, grey clouds, and drifting shade,
Tears, smiles, and joys out little lives are run.
Hopes, meetings, partings, and our part is played,
Shine, shower, and shade, and then the setting sun.

O, friend of mine, y dearest wich is this,
That shadow, cloud and tear, and fleeting Smile
But serve to prove to you the dearer bliss
Of things that make our living worth the While

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