Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Bond

I saw a cloud darken two bonny brown eys
As a recreant shadow flits over a lake,
tremulous soft as the zephyrs arise
And leaves from an over-blown rose-blossom

love mingled the shade of a poignent regret
With the light of delight and a radiant joy,
The precious gold glittered and shone till it met
The deadening touch of a darker alloy.

her dear and mine, a brave brother who died
In a fight for grim Chunuk Bahr's shell-
shattered crest;
War mingled for us a sad sorrow and pride,
A sad mutual throb of regret in each breast.

Oh, sympathy dear, the sweet healer of hearts,
To whom love swings open her rose-coloured
Shall cheer me in visions ere memory departs
In days when I go forth again to the wars
April 19, 1916

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