Saturday, December 1, 2007

Do It Now

Wounded Gunners Appeal
Theres a cry coming up from the traverse and trench
From shell-shattered craters where bravest hearts blench
They are fighting and dying out there in the stench
Of the dead

From shot-riddled pits they are calling you,
There’s work for you there with your bayonet and gun
To finish the work they’ve so grimly begun
And battled and bled

Can you, while they bleed, still cling to your creed,
Your self-loving creed, in the hour of their need?
An appeal to your manhood-Remember your breed!
Enlist. Do it now !

Theres a call from the ranks of a ghostly parade,
A beckoning hand with a blood spattered blade—
They whose last part in the struggle is played
Over there.

The gaps must be filled of the valiant slain.
Listen ! you’ll hear them. Aye listen again !
They say, “Have we died for a shibboleth vain ?
Do you care ?”

All you have and hold dear, your truest and
Are hung in the balance. Your duty is clear !
Weigh these against dallying, halting, and fear
Enlist. Do it now !

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